Montreal, QC, Canada

Transboundary Groundwater Resilience
October 2022

The Green Action Global Connection Zone (online) will connect everyone working on the ground to protect biodiversity. Dec 11 and 12, 2022 (online).

The Transboundary GroundWater Resilience is an international network of networks that connects U.S. and international networks of hydrology, social science, data science, and systems science to establish a novel transboundary groundwater resiliency research (TGR) approach. Transboundary aquifers serve as vital resources shared between countries that oftentimes have distinctive scientific understandings and management approaches. Groundwater is being depleted in an unprecedented way that is intensified in transboundary aquifers.

Frederic spoke to the TGR members to preview COP15 and our side event. 

Video link: Watch on YouTube

TGR Seminar Bi-Monthly Series – October