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Climate Action is underway but needs to be amplified

The fight is far from over- what YOU can do

Senator Chuck Schumer, Aug 7, 2022: “To the tens of millions of young Americans who have spent years marching, rallying, demanding that Congress act on climate change: THIS BILL IS FOR YOU!”

The Founders, fighting a war for independence and wary of a strong executive devised a political system where accomplishing anything of substance required herculean efforts. 

Joe Biden came into the White House in 2021 with a decades-long Senate career behind him and he campaigned on using this experience to re-energize Capitol Hill to take action on behalf of Americans. Analysts banked on his legislative abilities as he set out ambitions that hadn’t been set in decades. It looked as if we were all dead wrong for most of 2021 and 2022, until we weren’t. 

The Inflation Reduction Act should demonstrate to the public that the government works for THEM, not special interests.

Climate Action is already underway, and has been for a while

Communication is hard in a fragmented media landscape and this will remain a supreme challenge to sway public opinion when tough calls will need to be made. 

The signing next week of the Inflation Reduction Act – a crafty title given inflation’s return to G7 economies – will serve as a testament to the coming together of activism and governing experience, as America and its allies midwife a new world. It will demonstrate that the largest economy is serious about the energy transition.

Investors are already deploying billions to accelerate the green transition but the carbon barons are alive and well and will do their damndest to slow down the process. The Supreme Court’s kneecapping of the EPA is not over and you will see Justices do the bidding of their sponsors soon enough. 

To ensure that Climate Action keeps up its pace, maintaining the public’s attention is key. That is done via powerful messaging boiling down how Climate Action benefits all and combatting disinformation. 

What can YOU do ?

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